The city where I find inspiration, where I find my intuitions. I try to go there as often as I can, away from Chicago's quietness. Just to find my hiding places.

It was in july 2001, I was in NYC for a design conference, and between two meetings I couldn't help myself and I ran to the MoMA. That's the only place in NYC where I can find peace. For the first time I saw Pollock and Monet together. Of course I've seen Monet and Pollock's work since the age of 13, but for the first time I realized their compatibility or I should say their "relation".

Monet's Nympheas were talking to Pollock, and the way the MoMA's specialist displayed the canvas was really "avant-gardiste". First you enter in this room where Pollock's painting embraces your hiding places. And then just behind the wall, here they are, the Nympheas quietly opening your eyes. You go back to Pollock and they are still there. You go back to Monet, and you can see Pollock's destructuration. Two men, two paintings, one structure.

Peace and violence in the same work:
"un desequilibre sur un fond de parfait equilibre".

the only thing I could do was to deliver this feeling from inside me by using my video camera. So I filmed NYC with all my crazyness.

Check out the movie now!