Back in September I developed a web application named ebehavior. This application allows me to capture every nuance of visitor behavior across multiple-server web environments. Before launching the new web site (dest2002), I have decided in December to test this application on it. I setup a online focus group of 100 people with different internet experience:

excellent: web developer - T1, T3 users (20 people)
very good: html knowledge - ADSl, DSl users(20 people)
satisfactory: buy, sell online - 56K modem users (20 people)
fair:use web for info only - 56K modem users (20 people)
poor: email only - 56K modem users (20 people)

Total: 100 people (us residents)

ebehavior transformed the raw visitor data into meaningful, customizable, and easy to understand reports. Multiple end users can directly access and run these reports via their browsers. Here are just a few pages of the reports that I got once the test was done. Why did I develop this application because no appliactions on the market like webtrends were providing what I was looking for:

"clarity of the data"

We are all getting tonnes of pages of reports every week from our sites. We do have the data but we do not have the time to read them.The layout of the reports are a mess and when we are looking to a specific information we realize that we cannot find it! That's just because:

"too much information kill the information"

In this case I set up ebehavior as a report application as well as a survey application. So I was able to match users surveys with the raw data. This system allowed me to see for instance that the first five minutes the users were missunderstood the navigation system, but after only two minutes they were totally familiar with it. this information allowed me to transform the postive ratings from %10 to %80 in less than two minutes. Wihtout ebehavior technology I would have end up with a %10 positive ratings for the navigation system even if the positive ratings were climbing to %80 after one minute! see table sample

sample | page 1

sample | page 2

sample | page 3

sample | page 4

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