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In Vitro 2 (Flash module 2):

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100 cells form a body. When the mouse rolls over them, an order is given to each cell asking them to move to the right or left depending on the position of the mouse. Now we add a new parameter. If you click on any cells an order is issued:

They leave their position and they return. But they are free to go anywhere they want to for any given time chosen randomly by the processor. The trajectory and the amount of time needed for its completion are arbitrarily chosen by the processor. The processor introduces the notion of liberty in a programmed environment. At this stage the cells do not move of their own accord unless they receive the order to do so from the user. By doing this, we start seeing a semi artificial form of intelligence in which the processor choses the position of the objects and interacts with the users. Like the normal cells in our body, the governing order for a specific assignment is imposed by the brain (processor).