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In Vitro 3 (flash module 3):

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Free cells using the Processor to move freely within a defined space.
At this stage, the cells move freely in a given space, and no orders can be
given to initiate or stop their movement. The principle of liberty in a
confined space. No interaction is possible in order to let the processor
(brain) free of all movements in the universe. No anomaly has occurred after
15 days of testing. The processor initializes the cells by choosing their
size, speed, and direction. As with every cellular system, each element
follows a set of rules and orders within an imposed space.

The cell initializes itself, creating boundaries within the cell; size and
position are randomly assigned by the computer.

Each cells direction is also randomly assigned by the computer, which means
the cells are free to go anywhere they want in a specific area.

Each cell can move at its own speed anytime it wants. Because speed in this
application is set as the element of life, the cell cannot stop. If the cell
stops it means it is dead.

Here are the basics:
Processor = Brain
Flash Application = Principle of space
Speed = Principle of time (life)
Area (boundaries) = human body
Color and form = specificity of the cell (as a brain cell)